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The difference between denim overalls and plain cotton overalls.

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The difference between denim overalls and plain cotton overalls.

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Both for professional work clothes customization enterprise still need to order the uniform unit, the denim overalls and ordinary cotton overalls needs to be more understanding and the difference, the difference between the small make up to you about the difference between them.

Denim overalls variety of fabrics, there are regular, combing, polyester-cotton, bamboo, cotton production of a variety of different fabrics such as denim, no longer equates to a form in the traditional concept of stiff, cowboy elastic don't stretch, bamboo bamboo, and linen or cotton, silk or coating, and ordinary cotton overalls usually have class cotton fabrics, by contrast, the design of denim overalls and texture are more diverse. But denim overalls the fabrics of drawback is that it is easy to fade, color fastness to worse than ordinary cotton overalls, and so on the uniform color control is difficult, especially in the process of using different degree of rub off, and may even lead to staff dress the color of the problem.

Ordinary cotton overalls relatively more traditional denim overalls, no denim overalls fashion sense, but is not fade, good fabrics won't fade, but easy to fold, so need more finishing process after washing, to ensure that the shape of clothing modelling. So do rise is not as random as denim overalls, and feel will be the fashion leisure denim overalls, dress to match is simpler, but the cowboy clothes washing water is very important, good quality denim fabrics feel is good, soft and wash water, and can keep good softness, and bad denim fabric before and after the wash water feel difference is big, usually water becomes very hard. If you choose the uniform must pay attention to the quality of the fabric, not blind pursuit of low price, caused by the staff is not comfortable and the back of the serious problems such as fade, instead of wasting the value of the work clothes.

Denim overalls and the difference between ordinary cotton overalls, denim overalls more wear-resisting durable, more than cotton fabric is out of shape not easily, as long as good quality denim fabric selection can reduce the degree of fade, and even if faded behind some color restoring ancient ways is more good-looking, don't like appear shabby cotton fabrics are easy to be eliminated must replace in a timely manner. So the choose and buy denim overalls, focus on quality, and then carries on the design and type selection, contrast fabric quality and craft level, from the sample of washing water quality to the quality of materials analysis, can distinguish the grade of the overalls, pursue work requirements and design style, not only need more details from the distinction between the quality of the denim overalls.

Denim overalls, on the whole, use fixed number of year is usually longer than ordinary cotton overalls, won't fade out, not only the style but instead more has historical value, and ordinary cotton overalls also use one or two years, will be replaced by damaged or obsolete. For pursuing the fashionable breath, select the denim overalls has more personality and style, colour diversity, design is more flexible, in the long run, save two years of time and effort, can say is a good way to reduce with the uniform of human resources.

Of course, denim work clothes and ordinary cotton work clothes all have their own characteristics, different occupations of different occupations of different needs, without certain good and bad, the important is suitable for the enterprise itself industry characteristics.

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